Dear Friend,

I believe you have a very powerful message to share with the world. Frankly, the videos you create, full of heart and soul and magic, are some of the best in your genre and the world needs to be watching them.

But…have you ever wondered how to make that happen? How to separate yourself from the thousands and thousands of other content creators out there, flooding the social media channels with videos?

Let’s face it, it takes a lot of time, energy and money to keep creating content and unless you are getting your videos in front of the right audience, it sometimes seems that it is all for nothing, and just a big waste of time, energy and money, not to mention, it is clear, you are putting your heart and soul into creating your videos.

Am I right?

When I first started my talkshow, on the Lifestyle Channel in New York, I can’t tell you the countless hours, stress, financial burden, energy and well, tears I faced, again and again.

So much can go wrong (and did). Sound, lighting, scripts, make up, editing, uploading, fixing mistakes….and then, to keep checking back to see how many views you have, it can be disappointing, and devastating. (hopefully I am not alone in that)

But, over the years as our television talk show, then media company grew, and we went from one show on one network, to four networks, then 7, then 14, then 20 and now 30, I learned a thing or two along the way.

In fact, it was all of the hard work, time, energy and money that led us to be able to create the global multi-channel network we are today and to have the ability to help wonderful content creators like you, reach global audiences, instantly.

Trust me, you do not want to have to figure this out the way I did. Doing content distribution deals, one by one, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, thousands of hours, and all consuming, back-breaking works. It can feel so hopeless, and isolating and that all of your hard work, energies and efforts are for nothing and that you are not getting the appreciation you desire or deserve.

But, I was determined, and I had a mission and now, we have the ability to offer incredible content creators, like you, the opportunity to have a channel on one of the hottest media networks around AND to be syndicated on 30 other channels, around the world, instantly!

Imagine this…. Finally, the world will know what a special gift you have to share and be able to see your video content.

Imagine, having your very own channel, like a celebrity AND having that channel replicated on 30 media outlets, all over the world.

Can you imagine the impact you can have, when you finally get your videos in front of the millions of people that are starving for the content you have created?

Imagine what this can do for your business, your relationships, your life and the way you spend your time. Ooooooooo. It is giving me chill bumps just thinking about it…

Ok, so here is the deal. I am going to lead you and guide you and show you EXACTLY (I mean step-by-step) what we did to build a global media company, producing over 700 shows and a full feature film, and syndication on 30 media outlets ~AND~ if that is not enough for you, I am going to show you, how we will do the same for you INSTANTLY!

Stay with me, as we take a peek “behind the curtains” and tell the story of how we built a global media network!

$1,997 & $97/mo Regular price $5,000


  • A branded channel with the look and feel of your business or show
  • A custom thumbnail graphic advertising your show
  • A custom slider graphic advertising your show
  • The choice of genre for your show: lifestyle, inspiration, entrepreneurship
  • Syndication of your channel on 30 media outlets, around the world
  • The potential to reach millions of viewers on our media distribution partnership channels

*Not all shows air on GLOSS

  • A social media campaign to over 250K followers on BONBON Networks social media
  • An instant community of hundreds of premium content creators with channels on BONBON Networks
  • A downloadable app with your show, that you can share with others to show them your shows

And the best part of it all, as we grow, so do you. BONBON Networks is in the hottest space in media, the OTT space and this industry is the fastest growing sector in media. As we grow and bring on new partnerships, we bring all of our channel partners with us.

Basically, we see it as you are joining our “family” of premium content creators.

Curious about how it all happened? Watch the story here:

Sounds too good to be true, right?

I assure you, it is not. Do you know what the two top questions I get about how I was able to create this global media network are? I will tell you.

#1 How in the world did you manage to do this?

#2 How are you able to offer this to people for a fraction of what they would otherwise pay, not to mention the time and resources, even if they did know where to start.

The truth. It was hard. Like really hard. Doubled over in tears some days, not knowing if you could pull it all off hard.

The first year, I had four days off. Total. And that was because I felt like I was about to snap and literally had to take them. And, I do not ever want another entrepreneur to ever have to take that road. Not when I cracked the code and they don’t have to.

Can you imagine, seeing your videos on your very own channel? Can you imagine tomorrow, placing the logos of APPLE TV, AMAZON, ROKU, SONY, SAMSUNG, RCA and so many others “As Seen On”…..

Can you imagine, being at a networking meeting and being able to whip out your iPhone and say “Let me text you the app with the television show on it?

Well, I guess the question really is…why imagine, with one click of your mouse, we can make this instantly happen for you!

But, here is the thing… As much as we would like to, we can’t take just anyone.

We have to keep a very high standard, featuring some of the hottest content creators in lifestyle, inspiration and entrepreneurship.

So, here is who we are looking for:

Content Creators with high-production value video content. If you have videos on:

  • Cooking
  • Fashion
  • D.I.Y.
  • Home Decorating
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel
  • Inspiration
  • Fitness
  • Life Coaching
  • Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Dogs
  • Social Media
  • Spirituality
  • Anything else really awesome…

Then we are looking for you!

To become a CHANNEL PARTNER is simple! You just need to register HERE and a member of our distribution team will reach out to you immediately, with instructions to build out your channel.

$1,997 & $97/mo Regular price $5,000

And, when I said we were a family, I meant it. So that is just where the fun starts. We also have a great deal of support to help you feel like the STAR we know you are.

Over the next few weeks, you will receive many e-mails that will walk you through the process, cheer you on along the way, and virtually hold your hand.

It takes about 14 business days for us to build your channel and have it syndicated on 30 media outlets around the world.

But that is not all …

BONUS ONE:($5,000+ value) 

We will also be gifting you our MEDIA MOGUL Program. Where live from the set of theASKBONBON Show, I will be sharing some insider secrets on what we learned producing over 700 television segments.

In this three module video series, you will get tools and techniques used by the pros and learn what really works on camera. You just have to make me one promise, you won’t laugh, as this show was so long ago, but the value of the content is priceless. 😉


We also love more vs. less at BONBON Networks. My grandma used to always tell me I have a “champagne appetite on a beer budget”. So in the spirit of champagne, we have another gift for you.

$1,997 & $97/mo Regular price $5,000

BONUS TWO: ($5,000+ value)


You may recognize Denice Duff from her role on The Young & The Restless or from Northern Exposure, CSI Miami, Night Of The Living Dead or dozens of other shows and movies she has appeared on.

She is also an incredibly talented producer and photographer and quite frankly has some of the best techniques I have ever seen. That’s what happens when you spend a career on sets with some of the top people in show business.

We are thrilled to have her on the “Hack” Faculty at BONBON Networks, where we bring you different, ridiculously talented people to help you create and produce the best videos possible.

We will be sending you this course, via video, just for becoming a CHANNEL PARTNER


$1,997 & $97/mo Regular price $5,000

Still feel like you need to think about it?

Well, don’t just take it from me. Listen to what many of our clients have to say about being with BONBON Networks


  • If BONBONnetworks appears in your life say YES!l to the opportunity. Working with BONBONnetworks is a flawless experience, and one throughout which I felt championed, nurtured, respected and supported beyond my highest hopes. Appearing on BONBONnetworks show is just one layer of a multi dimensional blessing.
    Ashley Good
  • I literally hopped on a plane from San Diego to be in New York the next day after BONBONnetworks reached out to do the show! I had the most amazing experience with BONBONnetworks and their crew, and connected with them all instantly. I am so thankful for the opportunity to help as many people as possible through this beautiful show.
    Chris Atley
  • Bonnie was ultra professional and really brought out what I am passionate about. I was able to express myself from the heart and really tell my story. It was so fantastic that now I have patients from all over coming to my clinic to get better so being on her show has help many people truly get their lives back.
    Dr. Jay Goodbinder
  • It is so exciting working with BONBON Networks. I feel like finally my message will reach the masses and help us to really strengthen our community. So many women of size are underserved in fashion and community Bonbon gives us an excellent opportunity to reach more women and we can help them to feel beautiful, too. BONBON Networks message of empowerment is a perfect match for Curvy Girl Lingerie.
    Chrystal Bougon
    Producer, Curvy Girl,
  • I had a pleasure of working with Bonnie from BONBON Networks and it has been such an amazing experience. Bonnie has a talent to make her speakers feel at ease. The interview was fun, relaxing and very insightful. She actually invited me to just be me in front of camera and deliver my message straight from my heart, not from a scripted, prepared text. I could not be not me when talking to Bonnie. Her kindness, curiosity, openness and warmth created this wonderful atmosphere and space where I felt welcomed and special. I wonder what this project will create and inspire the world? I know that she will do everything possible to make it the case! Thank you, Bonnie so much!!!!
    Dr. Gosia Lorenz CF, CFMW, LSHC,
  • Since the moment I chose to share my story through BonBon Networks, my business has been expanding at an incredible rate! Bonnie and her team have an amazing ability to bring out your true message in a beautiful and creative way that truly capture the interest of the viewers! If you are looking for a way to take your business to the next level; or many levels beyond it’s current space with ease and Lots of Fun and laughter, I invite you to consider choosing the Gorgeous Powerhouse, Bonnie Bruderer and her team at BonBon Networks! Choose Greatness!
    Vanessa Gibson
    Real Estate Intuitive
  • I’m elated that Justice Woman is being seen on so many diverse platforms and gaining exposure daily thanks to the BONBONnetworks.
    Vanessa Verduga
  • Since my first appearance on TV with Bonnie- BonBon I have since contracted with her for an additional filming for specific shots that I wanted to be able to use for my business.
    Jodi Harman,

Here is the last thing I have to say about it. From the bottom of my heart, I know you are a kindred spirit, like me and I believe that you have a powerful message to share with the world. Now is the time. So whatever is holding you back, the fear, time money, please do not let this stop you from sharing your message and videos with the world. (That’s the life coach in me, just sayin).

My hope is that you decide to join us, and don’t wait too long. As our network grows, so does the pricing, and right now, you can still get a channel at an extremely discounted rate of just $1,997 and then ongoing fee of $97/month. This is a $2,000 savings, plus you get over $10,0000 in additional bonuses.

Be A Star,

ps. There is just one more important thing we need you to know.